Ana Goodman

Bisexual Former Mythbuster Tech



Wallet, keys, lighter– in jean pockets Tagheur Aquaracer Quartz Watch

Attached to belt – Leatherman Core Multi-tool (19 in 1) Glock 19 in belt holster Buck Knife


Mossberg iphone Weapons Ammo – 9mm 2 clips (15 rounds each), 1 50-round ammo box 1 20 round bandelero

Food/Drinks Nalgene Water bottle Small Arrowhead Bottle of good scotch, Three pieces of string cheese One orange


Comprehensive Adventure Medical Kit – Will add a stethoscope, extra gauze, a tube of Neosporin, a tube of cortisone cream, twenty extra alcohol pads, and 50 capsules of 250mg FishMox (generic amoxicillin). She’s taken out the accident report form that comes with the pack.

Clothes Gloves from restaurant kitchen long-sleeved shirt, extra underwear, socks, light sweats.

Misc wooden crucifix dreamcatcher small flashlight with extra batteries


Anna Essence Goodman was born in Moscow, ID in 1979. She’s bisexual and a libertarian. She graduated a year early from high school. She went to college at University of Idaho and double majored in mechanical and electronic engineering (six years). While in Idaho, she also worked as a volunteer EMT (Moscow is a small town), eventually becoming an EMT paramedic. She left Idaho when she was 26 to work for M5 Industries on some of the MythBusters projects (she is not seen on the show). Her medical knowledge also sometimes comes in handy on the set. The frequent use of demolitions in MythBusters got her interested in obtaining a second B.S. in chemistry at San Francisco State University, which she recently completed.

In her free time, she practices medieval martial arts and sometimes joins in Society for Creative Anachronism activities. She also has a blog called the Bi-Partisan Bisexual and blogs about a variety of topics, not just the political.

Prior to Earthquake: Medieval Arts Center (Made this up. If I knew of a real place, I’d choose that. Let’s just say it’s somewhere near the vicinity of Folsom and Market)

Ana Goodman

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