Kekoa Palani

Hawaiin Mage/Brick


Kekoa Palani

Strength = 15 (+2) Dexterity =11 (0) Constitu. = 16 (3) Intellig. = 8 (-1) Wisdom = 10 (0) Char. = 10 (0)

Defense = 10 Speed = 30 Base Attack Bonus = 0 Melee Attack Bonus = 2 Ranged Attack Bonus = 0 HP = 13 Fortitude Sv = 3 Reflex Save = 0 Will Sv = 0

Feats Simple Weapons Proficiency Power Attack Cleave

Skills (Skill Points= 8) Climb (Str) Concentration (Con) Craft (mechanical, structural) (Int) Drive (dex) Intimidate (Cha) Knowledge (current events, pop culture, streetwise) (Int) Professions (Wis) Read/Write Lang. (English/ Hawiian) 2 Ride (Dex) Speak Language (English/Hawiian) 2 Spot (Wis) Survival (Wis) 4


Kekoa Palani is 30-year-old native Hawaiian. 100% genetically untainted. And he will let you know all about it. Fiercely proud of his heritage and cultural identity, Kekoa is a member of the militant Hawaiian restoration group, Hawaiians First, whose only political ideal is to secede “Hawaii from the United States and return it to the rightful rule of monarchy under the bloodlines of Queen Lili’uokalani.

A former Lineman for Oklahoma State, Kekoa Palani developed an affinity for country music while he ignored many of his classes and was forced off of the team due to grades so exceedingly bad that no amount of Jock ‘freebies’ could elevate his academics high enough to maintain a position on the team. Highly moralistic, Kekoa thusly left the school on principled grounds and tried to return to his home on the Big Island when he ran out of money in San Francisco. Crashing on the sectional belonging to a cousin of his that is going to school in nearby UC Berkeley, Kekoa picked up some work as a bike messenger for a small intra-city courier company to make some money in order to get home.

It has been 6 years since Kekoa spent his first night on that couch; in that time he has come to enjoy living in a small city apartment in SF, and his job. He likes the people that he works with, and he is good at it to boot, having been promoted to something of a supervisory status, though he still delivers a couple of days a week, just for the exercise. Boisterous and jovial, Kekoa appears to be liked by everyone he comes into contact with, though no one really knows for certain, much of anything about him except that he is Hawaiian and has been trying to get home for 6 years now.

Kekoa Palani

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